Preupgradecheck errors – part 3

 Missing Site definitions

The following site definition(s) are referenced by the content, but they are not installed on the web server

name = Unknown, language = 1036, template id = 53, count = 1, status = Missing            
name = Unknown, language = 3082, template id = 53, count = 2, status = Missing            

Solution :

  1. Run stsadm –o enumallwebs
  2. In the output of enumallwebs and search for templateid=”53” or template name=unknown

                For example:

                <Web Id=”c81bceb5-9e18-45b0-a42a-76887316daa9″ Url=”/sites/baseline/Gregg”       LanguageId=”1036″ TemplateName=”Unknown” TemplateId=”53″ />

<Web Id=”e8268465-b11b-431c-ad1c-d868ae9fc8ee” Url=”/sites/baseline/test hcl” LanguageId=”3082″ TemplateName=”Unknown” TemplateId=”53″ />

    Once you have the webids , remove these orphan webs using deleteweb command :

stsadm -o deleteweb -webid  “e8268465-b11b-431c-ad1c-d868ae9fc8ee” -force -databasename MyWork_WSS_Content_CPGPortal_01 -databaseserver ausb3spsdbp01


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I am working as a SharePoint Consultant in HCL America INC, Cary,NC.

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  1. pathikhrawal says:


    This is good read. Thanks for sharing

    Pathik Rawal

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