SharePoint 2013 Task List – “Assign to Email” option missing

With Sharepoint server 2013 , “Send e-mail when ownership is assigned” is not available in SharePoint 2013 (enterprise) task list, this feature is now included the ‘issue tracking’ list though.

Below are some workaroud to enable this feature  on a task list:

1. Using Sharepoint Manager 2013 :  This software explores SP Object model , you can browse every site on a SharePoint farm and view/edit every property.The software is available on Codeplex.

Using SP Manager , you can browse to the list where you want to enable the email feature and you will notice that “EnableAssigntoEmail” property is set t false by default. You can simply set it to true to enable it from the dropdown button and save your changes.



2. Using Powershell cmdlet :

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell
$web = Get-SPWeb “YourSiteURL
$list = $web.Lists.TryGetList(“YourTaskListName“)
$list.EnableAssignToEmail = $true

Tip : Enable email option on Task List using any of the above method and save that List as template , example , “Task List with email” and update the users . This way you dont need to run the powershell script everytime .


About amritatalreja
I am working as a SharePoint Consultant in HCL America INC, Cary,NC.

2 Responses to SharePoint 2013 Task List – “Assign to Email” option missing

  1. Vignesh says:

    This is helpful, I faced this issue for one of my customers

  2. Vignesh says:

    I’m expecting a post from you on modifying the search topology in SharePoint 2013

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