Preupgradecheck errors -Part -1

Missing server file or server configuration issues.
Web part Errors:
The following web part(s) are referenced by the content, but they are not installed on the web server

•Id = 72818beb-d38f-ce20-ad03-17a569674760, Type = Unknown, Reference = 29, Status = Missing             
•Id = b0361b90-8e73-425f-bcbc-2b2469198a00, Type = Unknown, Reference = 14, Status = Missing             
•Id = 19060b95-1c73-5a5b-875c-2e2c7d7cd355, Type = Unknown, Reference = 4, Status = Missing             

Steps to fix the errors
1.Logon to Database server and Run following SQL query on the content database for the Support site:

SELECT * FROM [WebParts] WITH(NOLOCK)where tp_WebPartTypeId =’ID’             
Example: SELECT * FROM [WebParts] WITH(NOLOCK)where tp_WebPartTypeId ='72818beb-d38f-ce20-ad03-17a569674760'             

From the results pane copy the tp_PageUrlID . These are the ids of the urls which has reference to the missing webparts .

2.Now run following query:

SELECT * FROM Alldocs WITH(NOLOCK)where id='80A251DD-1452-4199-A0BA-05120A7286EC'            

(ID is the value of the tp_PageURLID)

You will get DirName and LeafName corresponding to that PageURLID

3.Repeat step-2 for all the PageURL Ids to get complete URLs for a particular webpart ID. Step-1 and Step-2 needs to be performed multiple times to get a list of all the URLs where we need to fix the webpart error.
4.Now go to the URL, example :
5.Check-out the page , delete the error web part and check-in/publish the page
6.To test if the issue is fixed run the below query again:

SELECT * FROM Alldocs WITH(NOLOCK)where id='80A251DD-1452-4199-A0BA-05120A7286EC'


You should not get any results if all the URLs are fixed.